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​​​​No matter how well you maintain your home or business, pests are an unfortunate fact of life. 

Here at Bugs 'N' Things Pest Control, we can eliminate your existing pest problems and protect your home, office, or commercial building from whatever additional pest problems that may come your way. 

We offer a free inspection to determine your pest control needs and create a plan of action to address them.  In most cases, we can give you a quote over the phone.   

We require no long term contracts and we guarantee your satisfaction with our service! 

Here are some of the pests we take care of:

   - Ants

   - Bed Bugs                      

   - Cockroaches

   - Spiders

   - Bees                

   - Wasps

   - Fleas

   - Ticks

   - Rats

​   - Mice

​Some of the other services we offer include:

​   - Pest identification​ 

   - Bee and wasp removal

​   - Spider web removal

​   - Sanitation inspections

​   - Eco-friendly options

​   - Checking for rodent entry points